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Listo Trapeze Co & Mildura Circus School offers a range of circus experiences including flying trapeze for ages 8 and up. The well qualified team at Listo Trapeze Co have extensive experience in teaching circus arts and trapeze around the world. 


Circus classes provide opportunities to make friends, master new skills, improve fitness and even a chance to perform! Listo Trapeze Co provides a range of exciting circus experiences including:-


+ after school program in circus skills, aerial and flying trapeze

+ extensive school holiday program for primary school children and teenagers

+adult aerial and flying trapeze classes

+introduction to circus skills

+ private functions including birthday parties and team building experiences


A circus school for everybody and any body!


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Jack has trained in circus across Australia and the U.S as a flying trapeze artist, including with renowned International companies.

He has taught trapeze internationally for 10 years and has owned his own Flying Trapeze rig since 2010.


Great with kids, he's also worked in summer camp programs in the US for 9 years where he honed an encouraging and supportive style of teaching.


Jack’s dream for years has been to build his own circus school inclusive of all levels and skills.



Claire began her circus training at 7 years old at Slipstream Circus Inc (based on the North West Coast of Tasmania) where she thrived. From age 14, Claire started teaching classes and performing statewide as part of the senior performance troupe at Slipstream Circus. By 16, she had obtained a number of gymnastics coaching qualifications to further extend her teaching. Claire went on to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2018 and completed a Certificate IV in Circus Arts. In 2019, she spent four months in the United States teaching circus skills to children and gained experience on the flying trapeze. Since then, Claire has performed in shows at Adelaide fringe and Melbourne comedy fest. Whilst Claire is a keen knife juggler and fire poi performer, she specialises in hoops, silks and acro-balance.



Kat is a local resident who grew up training and competing in gymnastics and springboard diving.


She has been flying with Listo since they opened in Sunraysia early 2021. Joining Listo has seen her childhood dreams of joining the circus come true.

Kat spent many years coaching gymnastics and has taught at a local primary school for the past 10 years. She has a passion for working with children, developing skills and having fun!

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Listo Trapeze is proud to be on Latje Latje Land. 

Always was. 

Always will be. 

Aboriginal land.

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Our Address:

6 Industrial Court, Irymple, Victoria


0450 133 002

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