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Our term classes are for students who wish to consistently develop their skills in circus arts. We have 4 different Term classes. Flying Trapeze, Intro to Aerial, Aerial and Circus Skillz.

In our 'Flying Trapeze' term classes, the students will learn different tricks that will increase in level of difficulty, to be ‘caught’ throughout the term by one of our experience instructors.

Our 'Intro to Aerial' classes are designed for those who are completely new to aerial circus. In this course, students will try a variety of different aerial apparatuses, learning the different positions and transitions and how to safely practice their aerial skills.

Our 'Aerial' classes are for those students who have completed their Intro to Aerial term and are continuing in their aerial journey. This term, the students will learn increasingly difficult positions and tricks and will begin to create choreographed routines.

And finally, our 'Circus Skillz' classes are for those who wish to explore the different areas of circus such as tumbling, juggling and mini trampoline, working on coordination body movement awareness and skill development.


Intro To Aerial


Circus Skillz

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